The Hunger Games: Catching Fire‘s New TV Trailer Makes Us Feel Things

There will be many feelings to be felt when Catching Fire hits theaters November 22. The movie's first TV trailer has surfaced online, and it shows a whole new field of dramatics outside of the Quarter Quell. Katniss' two romances, her private one with Gale and onscreen one with Peeta, are beginning to suffer. We can see the strain of her character and Peeta's love for one another building just as the people of Panem are inching closer and closer towards rebellion.
Don't expect any big bangs, battle scenes, or violence in this clip — that's movie stuff; this is for TV. And, like watching a character develop over an entire season, this trailer offers a glimpse of the humans behind the armor and bow. We go beyond the spectacle of the real-time movie the Hunger Games become to Panem. This isn't going to be some sophomore sequel to an already explosive franchise. This is going to be, as Stanley Tucci promises, nothing like we've ever seen before.

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