Woman Photographs Her Street Harassers In A Powerful Photo Series

09_HP_CBLPhoto: Hannah Price.
Any woman who has experience in a big city has been subject to catcalling on the street. It doesn't matter what you look like, or if you're just schlepping in sweatpants (and not even the nice ones) — it happens. Sometimes the act can be annoying, sometimes downright offensive, and sometimes, even a little flattering. But, most of the time, it's just uncomfortable.
Photographer Hannah Price decided to turn that awkward, angry feeling into "City of Love" — an art project, and a pretty amazing one, at that. Whenever someone catcalled Price, she turned right around and capture the moment. Sometimes she would approach them and request to take a photo and talk to them a bit; on other occasions she would just photograph them off-the-cuff. The result is a set of photos illustrating very regular, non-menacing people on the streets of Philadelphia.
The art is the result of a powerful action. By being active instead of passive, by confronting these men about their catcalling in a conversational, though not particularly aggressive way, Price forced them to (literally) face the humanity of the person they just so casually objectified. You don't need to be well-read on feminism to have at least an inkling of the issues dredged forth by these interactions. Then, there's the complete lack of editorializing. Price isn't necessarily even judging these men, nor is she painting them in a negative or accusatory light. She, too, is facing her harassers' humanity. (And, exposing the subjects to the vulnerability of a photo is a kind of revenge in and of itself.)
The Morning News had a brief chat with Price about her feelings making these photos, and how she purposefully did not try to detach herself. Click on over to see more, plus additional photos from the series. You can also see more of Price's work here.

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