Miley & Her Dog: You Can’t Not Love This Picture

There really is nothing like a little pup action to diffuse the tension in a room. One minute, everyone's fighting like mad over Miley Cyrus and her antics; the next, we're looking at this picture of her and her dog on Twitter and all is forgotten. For now, that is, until the next controversy rolls around.
This is more or less the same feeling we got when we saw the first photos of North West. Despite the sometimes ridiculous circumstances, well, you kind of have to love someone that cute. Hardcore fans will already be familiar with Miley's little pet, Floyd. But others might stop in their tracks at this wholesome, joyful scene. Pure, all-American happiness if we've ever seen it! Maybe, next time she gets on stage, she and Floyd should just frolic around, instead of the usual gyrating act. And perhaps Amanda Seyfried will join, after all, she has plenty of practice. Now that, folks, is a show we'd save some space on the DVR for.

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