The Scandal Ridiculist: What The Huck

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Every week, we'll be recapping all the totally outrageous — yet totally awesome — developments on our favorite political drama, Scandal. Check out last week's Ridiculist here.
This week, we got a lot more backstory on Olivia Pope. Some of it was fascinating, and some of it we wish we didn't know. We're starting to understand more and more why Liv and Huck have that kind of bizarre, kind of adorable connection. We got a tad bit weepy when Huck asked for a cheeseburger, but beyond that this episode really just awakened a lot of rage. Rage at Liv's dad for turning Huck into whatever he is now, rage at Jeanine for wanting to choose money over morals, and rage at Washington in general for being so dang corrupt. But then, we wouldn't have all this addictive drama — it's a give and take, people. Now on to the Ridiculist.
At one point, Olivia didn't know her dad was black ops. Sure, no one is going to go guessing that their family members are trained assassins, but surely she saw through his Smithsonian story at some point. Either that, or the guy really does know everything there is to know about Mastodons.
Huck's subway heroics. Okay, so the chances of his appearance at just the right time to save Olivia from the mugging is a bit far-fetched, but we just love Huck so much that we're willing to look past all that.
Fitz pretending to give a crap about Jeanine's well-being. "She's just an innocent kid." So, suddenly this guy has a conscience he can't ignore? We ain't buyin' it.
Olivia Pope used to hate wine. This one's not so insane (it takes some time to develop a palate), but we just find it so hilarious that primetime's most infamous wine-o once hated the stuff.
Papa Pope's ability to lie to his daughter. The guy's a trained killer (or, rather, he trains killers), but it's uncanny how easy it was for him to lie to Liv about it all, especially when she came to him with concern about Huck. That's just cold.
The entire mystery over Jake Ballard's well-being. It's a nice attempt at suspense, but too bad we've all known for ages know that Scott Foley was bumped to series regular. It made his appearance at her door just a little too predictable.
"Quinn, I know I've taught you a lot of things, but you should try to be less like me." Thanks for saying what we've all been thinking, Huck. Quinn's going down a bad road.
Olivia's dad almost killed her fiancé. We're a little bummed they didn't build that out more — it's not exactly something we would brush over if he was our dad. But, we're starting to get why Liv barely spoke to the guy.
We hate to nitpick, but if all Olivia needed to do to save Jake was reinstate Sunday dinners with her dad, why did she wait so long? That's all.
"How presidential are my balls now, Cy?" Man, it feels good to see Fitz as something other than a blubbering mess.

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