The New American Hustle Trailer Is Oscar Opulence

There's as much Oscar gold in the new trailer for American Hustle as there is actual gold. The days of hairstyles past are alive and well in David O. Russell's shrewd Academy sweeper of a film. From Aquanet and combovers, to Amy Adams in curlers, to Bradley Cooper in curlers...Russell is bringing the gilded, gaudy '70s to life this movie season.
Basically, someone from this cast will be walking home with a golden statue. Bets are on Jennifer Lawrence as the drunken housewife, but Jeremy Renner as the optimistic foil to Cooper's hedonistic fantasy could take the Academy by surprise, as well. Better pull that gold lamé jacket-and-hot pants duo out from the back of your closet because, like Gatsby's flapper-era parties, there's sure to be a surge of '70s-themed soirées cropping up. (Apologies to the ozone for the gratuitous amounts of hairspray coming its way.)

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