The Fail-Proof, Magical Way To Fold A T-Shirt

We are quite discerning when it comes to impressive fashion tricks, but we can say with confidence that Uniqlo's T-shirt folding technique is totally game changing. Sure, anyone can fold a shirt, but as HuffPo brings to our attention, not everyone can fold a shirt quite as creatively as the Japanese retailer. Piled into stacks, the shirts have not only been formed into perfect rectangles, but layered so that the illustration on the front of the tee can also be viewed strategically from the side.
Once again, Uniqlo's impeccable organization has inspired us in a big way. Our color-coordinated closets first, and now, perfectly folded T-shirts. However, since this very-specific technique may be far from amateur, we suggest starting from the bottom — this tutorial should help — and working your way up here. Uniqlo, our too-cramped closets thank you. (HuffPo Style)

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