Joan Jett Teaches Us How To Not Give A Damn About A Bad Reputation

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In case you haven't picked up on it, Reddit AMAs are pretty much the hottest thing on the Internet right now. It's a great way to find out the answers to all your amazing celebrity questions — and peer into the psyches of Hollywood's finest, to boot. The latest personality to take to the stage is none other than Joan Jett. The Runaway's frontwoman took to the site to interact with all her biggest fans, talk about her best tracks, and just generally be cooler than the rest of us.
While we're totally in awe of the rocker, we also have to give a shoutout to the AMAs participants for asking the hard questions. To kick things off, they pressed Jett on her band's eponymous movie and working with Kristen Stewart. "I do think she did a good job," said Jett. "I think she was extremely dedicated to it, chopped all her hair off and really immersed herself in everything she could find about The Runaways. And she really played the guitar too!"
She also spoke honestly about the perils of fame, in response to questions wondering how she knows a true friend to a hanger-on. "That's the sad thing about it, is you never know," she said. "You certainly don't know when you quickly meet someone. Obviously, you go on your gut feeling, but that can be wrong too. And it's terrible to have to be wary about people, because it is not my nature, but I've been burned a few times and you just have to careful."
Perhaps our favorite part of the AMAs came when Jett started doling out advice. As we all know, she's kind of an expert when it comes to, well, just not giving a damn. "You gotta not care about what people think in general about you," she said. "I'm not talking about bad stuff, if you're a nasty person, because I don't consider myself a mean person, I consider that I know what I want and I'm tough. A lot of people would say 'Well that's not a bad reputation.' But I am passionate about music and being taken seriously about my music, so if you're going to mess with that, we have a problem." You tell 'em. (Reddit)

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