The Face Bra (And Other Ways To Scare Your Neighbors)

Well kids, this is what our world is coming to: The Daily Mail has reported that a brand named Hourei is now making a anti-wrinkle device they're calling a "face bra," which is being sold on a website called Japan Trend Shop. You simply slip the device over your head so that it applies light pressure on your cheeks (it's supposed to fit gently onto your nose, even though we're hyperventilating just looking at the model, who looks like she's glamorously suffocating).
According to a diagram on the website, the wearer of the face bra is meant to pull his or cheek flesh up through the device, so that it pushes your cheeks up and out, like a muffin top (sorry, we couldn't think of a better analogy). Then, to really maxmize the age-preventing potential, the wearer should complete "exercises," moving the face about while making crazy expressions — because, apparently, the device itself isn't enough to send our roommates/significant others sprinting for the door.

Yes, this device is insane, but, as The Daily Mail points out, this is hardly the first ridiculous-looking device that has been marketed to women to prevent and treat aging. Click over to see the full story (complete with other gnarly contraptions), and tell us — would you consider wearing headgear to keep your skin in tip-tip shape?
(The Daily Mail)

face-nraPhoto: Via The Daily Mail.

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