Wedding Night Sex: Real Women Tell All

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Wedding season may be over, but that doesn't mean we're ready to stop daydreaming about the perfect nuptials. From gazing at wedding dresses to perusing Pinterest boards filled with mason jars and chandeliers, we can't get enough. But, in the midst of all the frenzy over flower arrangements, it's easy to forget about one very important aspect of your big day: the wedding night. Yes, we mean that wedding night.
Many couples go into their "I dos" with big expectations for the post-party happenings. But, thanks to a marathon-length day and a few too many glasses of champagne, most post-wedding romps don't go quite as planned. To get to the bottom of what most bride and grooms are really up to on that special night, Joanna Goddard (of A Cup of Jo fame, of course), hit up some of her closest friends to get the dirt. As it turns out, every couple does it differently (no surprise there).
Some women reported powering through the night out of determination and tradition, refusing to let a little thing like sleep get in the way of the special night. "We were determined to do the deed on our wedding night," said Beth. " the time we were finally in bed it was 5 a.m. I managed to slip into a negligee, but I honestly can barely remember the actual moment. We were in a complete daze!"
Others, however, simply succumbed to exhaustion and saved the sack session for the next day. "I was sober and looking forward to drinking Champagne, chatting and maybe having sex," said Anne. "Then I turned round and in the last five minutes of the party my husband was so smashed he couldn't walk! So when I suggested Champagne he suggested coffee, walked into the bedpost and passed out snoring, so I took out bobby pins in a fury!"
No matter the romantic (or unromantic) outcome, it's totally refreshing to hear stories from real women who made it through the craziness of The Big Day. It truly shows that each couple is different, and that the beauty is in knowing that you can just do whatever is right for you. Head over to A Cup of Jo to read all the hilarious and touching testimonials. (A Cup of Jo)

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