Would You Pay For Half Of Your Engagement Ring?

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Even with the rise of feminism, there's still a ton of traditions that have stuck around. Fathers still walk their daughters down the aisle, and (most) men still get down on one knee to pop the question. But now, according to a survey by The Knot, it seems that the more "traditional" engagement may be going by the wayside. As it turns out, more and more couples are agreeing to split the cost of the ring. Most survey respondents said that changing times called for a more equal divide — in other words, now that men are no longer the sole breadwinners, it's not fair to make them shell out all those dollars by themselves.
These days, young couples often choose to live together before marriage, which can lead to sharing of bills and rent. Large financial decisions are often made as a discussion between both partners, and the engagement ring is starting to fall under that same category. "We share our finances," one of the survey's participants explained. "I don't think its that big of a deal. Just because you split the cost, it doesn't mean he loves you any less." As another woman put it, once you are married you often pool your finances anyway, so what's one more purchase?
There are, however, some traditionalists who are weary to bend to this new trend. Today.com polled its audience about the matter, and the majority of women said they would not be willing to split the costs of a ring. Not only did they believe that it broke with tradition, but many felt that contributing to the purchase ruined the element of surprise that makes proposals so special. "Even if it's a small ring," replied one commenter. "It should be the thought that counts."
Of course, like every big life decision, this is an issue that is different for each individual person. We commend those couples who are eschewing the traditional gender roles and going dutch, but we also understand the women who prefer to stick with tradition. Tell us: Would you split the cost of your engagement ring, or would you rather stay out of it? (Daily Mail)

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