Beyoncé's Prom Photo Isn't Good, It's Great (Obviously)

1Photo: Via Styleite
When you're as famous as Beyoncé, your past (and every embarrassing outfit you ever wore) will surely sneak its way back into your life. Well, it finally happened to Queen B. Her prom pictures were leaked for all the world to see, and, not surprisingly, her 17-year-old self looks amazing. We're not sure what we're more in awe of — her perfect pin curls or the fact that she's rocking cutouts a decade before they hit the runways. She looks so good, in fact, that we're now even more embarrassed about our own prom photos.
And, you're probably wondering about that lucky guy on Bey's arm. He happens to be none other than her ex-boyfriend, Lyndall Locke, a guy who was actually crazy enough to cheat on Queen B. He recently spoke with The Sun , confessing that he is the guy who cheated on "A woman as beautiful as Beyoncé." While cheating is never, ever okay in our book, we do owe Locke a weird thank you for allegedly being the inspiration behind the singer's infamous breakup songs. And, really, we can all agree that Beyoncé got the last laugh. (Styleite)

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