Britney Spears Is Back In True Brit Form In New Video

So, it has been 15 years, to the day, that "...Baby One More Time" was released. Since then, Britney Spears has really, truly had a pop goddess' share of ups and downs. It has all happened to her, every possibility we can think of, from breakups to makeups to breakdowns to "come backs." But, after watching her video for the club-ready banger, which has her fierce and swearing, it is pretty safe to say that Spears is back. Sure, those of us who are hoping for "Toxic" may be let down, because this isn't an angelic, young, coy Brit. It's a Britney who understands that she was down-and-out, who has had to literally "work" (with or without the B-word) for her present adulation and success. And, here she is, in her full whips-and-chains, sneaker-wedged glory.
You know, dear readers, it's time to stop saying "Britney is back," which is how we started off this article. Because she has been back for a while, but better adjusted and more secure, then she ever was. Now, she's reaching her pop princess — nay, queen — potential.

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