Peep An S.F. Ceramist’s Cool Closet

When praying to the gods of retail, there's one house of worship where we're always likely to commit a cardinal sin: Steven Alan. But, on our most recent visit, it wasn't the dresses or clogs that caught our eye (though they did make it onto a wish list). This time our desire was aimed at a few beautifully glazed ceramic pieces.
Some reconnaissance led us to their creator, S.F.-via-Ohio transplant and gifted ceramicist Meghan Lunne. The natural beauty recently welcomed us into her midcentury-furnished home in the Mission. Sipping rosé out of one of her own tumblers, she showed off her "Kim Basinger-meets-men's-varsity-meets-Rihanna" style, and the results are nothing short of striking. After perusing this slideshow, we give you permission to covet not only thy neighbor's house, but their decor, wardrobe, art, hair, and maybe even their dog, too.