South Park Gets New Titles, Sends Up Snowden Scandal

southparkPhoto: Courtesy Comedy Central.
South Park is 16 years old. It's old enough to drive. It's old enough to have had several fumbling attempts at sex. It's old enough to remember the days when "molly" was more commonly called "ecstasy." And now, perhaps a bit belatedly, it's growing things in strange places. Mostly, we're talking about its new 3-D opening titles. After all these years, the show has finally ditched its stop-motion, paper-craft style and embraced the depth of field.
Fans on Facebook are split. Some like 'em, some don't. That's to be expected. Check the full sequence out over at DigitalSpy.
Also somewhat belatedly, the season 17 premiere decided to tackle the summer's Edward Snowden scandal. In response to the NSA's far-reaching domestic espionage, Cartman decides to publish every piece of personal information online. Here's a trailer for last night's episode:

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