Hayley Williams And Zedd's New Music Video Brings In The Feelings

Consider Zedd's new track featuring Paramore's Hayley Williams the 2.0 version of Robyn's "Dancing On My Own." It's one of those dance songs that, although it's slightly formulaic EDM, has powerhouse vocals that make you feel things (sad things, in this case). To Robyn's accord, more and more songs are coming out these days that make it okay to twirl around in glittery lights while maybe holding back a few tears.
Thanks to an awesomely choreographed dance, the accompanying music video will strike a few chords in you. It's one of those videos that showcases the depth electronic music can have. Add on some solid writing, and an equally solid delivery, and you've got yourself one helluvah visual. In some ways, it's similar to P!nk's video for "Try," but that could just be the choreography and mainstream push contemporary dance has gotten from So You Think You Can Dance. Bottom line: New breakup jams are danceable, and that's A-ok.

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