Minors Will Soon Be Able To Erase Their Digital Footprint

We’ve all been there — maybe after having too many glasses of vino, we've slipped up and spilled our guts on Facebook or posted that questionable Vine video at 2 a.m. Guilty! Well, we’re all discerning adults here, so until we learn how to make better posting decisions, we’re basically S.O.L.
But, for minors who might not know better, Governor Jerry Brown thinks they should be let off the hook. According to The Verge, Brown signed a piece of legislation today that will change the way underage kiddos approach Internet usage. At their request, with seemingly one swipe of a button, their online information can and will be moved off the Interweb.
Basically, this law (going into effect in 2015) will allow minors the chance to hit the do-over button on their digital identity if they've made any, ahem, snafus. One loophole: The data just goes offline, leaving it in company servers, so it doesn’t vanish entirely. So, unfortunately, that twerking video will still exist...somewhere.
openerPhoto: Via The Verge

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