“Fall Freshening”: 80% Of People Do It, Are You One?

Spring cleaning is a time-honored ritual, but it's only half the housekeeping story. Somewhat surprisingly, 80% of people also do a major cleaning overhaul in the autumn, leading ApartmentGuide to dedicate a recent segment to "fall freshening." Maybe it's the primordial urge to clean before winter hibernation, or maybe it's just the wise inkling telling you to ditch your collection of summer holiday knickknacks. Whatever the case, Apartment Guide and Huffington Post are unleashing a range of useful fall cleaning tips. We waste up to 335 hours a year looking for "stuff" in our homes. Yikes! Let's put an end to the madness.

So, while you're putting away your shorts and whipping out the sweaters, think about what you can get rid of for good — or even sell. Sites like Tradesy and Poshmark are listed Apartment Guide also ranks "putting away clothes" and "cleaning out closets" as the two most challenging tasks for most people. So really, your summer-to-fall wardrobe transition is the ultimate opportunity to remedy this.
Other major housekeeping issues include organizing bookshelves and tracking accessories, cleaning out food pantries, and throwing out old magazines. For that last one, organization expert Lisa Zaslow advises that if you really want to make an inspiration collage, just print photos from the Internet and recycle those old copies of Entertainment Weekly. For more tips, watch the video above. [Apartment Guide / HuffPo]
fallcleanPhoto via: Second Time Around

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