Studies Show: Your J.Lawr Obsession Is Overrated

Okay, we'll admit it — when we saw the headline "Jennifer Lawrence Is Not the Most Likable Woman in Hollywood — Find Out Who Is!" on E! Online, we were quite offended. But, instead of walking off in a huff, we read the article, and there are some good points.
It actually cites a survey conducted by iHeartRadio on the most likeable women in Hollywood, and while Lawrence is ranked second, she is beat out for the top spot by Ellen DeGeneres. If there's one person who could steal that title from JLawr without making us quiver with rage, it's definitely Ellen. Lawrence got 17.7% of the vote to DeGeneres' 35.1%, followed by Emma Stone, Jennifer Hudson, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel, and Anna Kendrick (yes, in that order). But, honestly, the more we read on, the more we don't want to be ranking these people at all. Because, these are some amazing ladies. If we could invite a group of Hollywood stars to a dinner party, this would pretty much be it. Though, we would have to invite Tilda Swinton, too, and maybe Jared Leto to provide the music and the ombre. Jokes aside, though, can someone put in a formal request to get Ellen and Jennifer together on some kind of project? ASAP would be great. Thanks. (E! Online)
jljhllImage: Via E! Online.

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