Famous First Tweets: Tech Execs Edition

Hard to believe it, but Twitter turns seven this year. That's a whole lot of social history. Some of us know how to bury our tracks, but most users leave everything out in the open, including those bravely patchy first tweets they are sure no one will ever see again. Thanks (or no thanks, depending on your view) to apps like Topsy, anyone's long-forgotten tweets from 2006 can be resurrected with just a few clicks. Why not try it out on some of the platform's earliest adopters: tech's power executives?
Business Insider did just that, and we've compiled some of our favorite examples below.

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer got right to the nitty gritty, tweeting about the American Visionary Arts Museum. Of course, she didn't start tweeting til 2009, a bit later than her peers, so she had more time to get the inspirational tone down pat. Not so for Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and founder of Twitter. He tweeted for the first time March 21, 2006 — the very day Twitter was founded, when no one knew just what it was yet. "Just setting up my twttr," he posted. A true pioneer on unsettled grounds. That founding tweet now has almost 17,000 retweets.
Future Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom hopped on board a few months later, in June 2006, in the halcyon pre-tycoon days when he could chill back more.
But, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian was already building his empire by the time he tweeted in 2007, and alerted the world he was emailing. Hardcore.
Check out a few more famous first tweets here. [Business Insider]
mayerPhoto via: Kitguru

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