Taystee, Meet Lena Dunham. You're Gonna Love Each Other.

taysteeembedPhoto: Ira L. Black/Courtesy of Ebony.
We're not the first to say it, but we would so watch an entire spin-off series about the life and times of Taystee from Orange Is The New Black. We kind of got our wish on the episode where she was released from prison, only to come right back — but now, we're getting another Taste of Taystee (that's the name of the hypothetical show we will inevitably be pitching to Netflix/our official fan club, by the way). While we already know that the amazing Danielle Brooks has been promoted to a series regular for season two (unlike some people we know), but we just learned some very exciting new info: She's guest starring on Girls!
That's only one of many nuggets of gold in her recent interview with Ebony, which is completely worth a read. For instance, she talks about Taystee's excellent grammar skills, confronting stereotypes, and Poussey. It's not until the very end that she casually drops the fact that she "will be the first Black woman to be on Girls, so that’s exciting for me." Yes, it is very exciting, indeed! Not just because Dunham's show has been thoroughly criticized for its lack of diversity, but because Brooks is an excellent actress whose personality feels like a perfect fit for the show's cast.
Check out the full interview on Ebony, but be prepared to take your OITNB withdrawal to a whole new level.

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