Lindsay Lohan And Kirsten Dunst As '90s Kid Models

We know it's total blasphemy (not to mention against our own social media rules) to bring you a #TBT on a Friday. But this picture of Lindsay Lohan and Kirsten Dunst modeling together was just too good to pass up. As you can see, it's the very definition of '90s. There is embellished denim, there is a hat with a flower on it, and there is a young, freckle-faced Lindsay Lohan. That's the golden trifecta, in case you didn't know. First of all, we are so very glad that LiLo saved all this stuff — presumably in a Lisa Frank binder, because that would only be fitting. Second of all, does she have more? We would love to get our hands on that collection. We already have a pretty sizable Kirsten Dunst shrine, after all. And the way things are going for Lindsay Lohan lately, we might just have to dust off our old copy of The Parent Trap and revive our girl crush. So, what do you say, LiLo? Can you send us a couple more priceless memories?
Note, an alternative interpretation of this photo: These two coincidentally being cast in a magazine together way back when is proof that the Illuminati are everywhere. Take your pick.

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