You’ll Never Believe Which Dawson’s Creek Character Is All Grown Up

We're pretty sure we'll never stop obsessing over Dawson's Creek. We know it's been years since the show aired, but it had such an impact on our young minds that we just can't help ourselves. Since the show's ending, we've been keeping up with the gang with almost obsessive fervor — Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, and Katie Holmes, in particular. But, there's another cast member who's been lurking in the proverbial Hollywood shadows for days: The much-loved Jack McPhee.
The adorable boy-next-door, who was also renowned for being one of the first gay characters on primetime, was played by the handsome Kerr Smith. Luckily for the fan girl in us, the Huffington Post managed to track the actor down, and boy does age agree with him. Since his days in Capeside, Smith has been busy taking on roles, including stints on Charmed, Justice, and CSI: NY. And, of course, being a major silver fox fills up his plate quite a bit. Feel free to ogle the below picture of the perfectly-aged star (41 years young!), as you catch up on all your old DVDs of The Creek. (Huffington Post)
oPhoto: Via Huffington Post

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