Is Exhausted The New Black?

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How often are you chatting with your friends or co-workers and, when someone asks you how you're doing, you reply, "Fine. Just a little tired."? Happens all the time, right? Well,
, in its latest issue, breaks down why this might be: Not only are we overworked and under-rested, but we're talking about it a lot — because being booked solid through next month is now seen as a status symbol.

We're tired and stressed because we're in demand — and while our success is a badge of pride, should our under-eye circles give us bragging rights, too? Grazia attributes the emphasis on tiredness to epic go-getters like Sheryl Sandberg — kick-ass women who accomplish so much, they couldn't possible have time to sleep.
And Daily Mail goes a bit further to question whether it's still the whole work-life balance issue that leads professional women to be more exhausted than their male counterparts. Because in most cases, even when women are the breadwinners in a couple, they STILL do the bulk of the housework — even if their partner stays at home. Kind of flies in the face of Sandberg's central thesis.'s hoping change is in the air, and partners step up to help a busy gal out, in the near future.
But back to the initial point. Yes, we know careers and well, life, are demanding — and getting our seven-to-eight hours a night isn't always possible — but we kinda hope that the next hip thing will be feeling refreshed and rested. Moderation is the key, and no matter how high we climb the corporate ladder, health and sleep are important, too. No matter how chic being sleepy becomes, the truth remains that our brains don't function as well on too-little shut-eye. We need enough rest to be at our mental best throughout the day. (Daily Mail)

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