American Horror Story: Coven Has Jessica Lange Looking Gorgeously Evil

Everyone's favorite horror soap is back! The gloriously noir American Horror Story: Coven teaser has arrived not a moment too soon (we've been in a major Jessica Lange drought). At only thirty seconds long, the clip is brief, bizarre, and altogether arresting. Set in historical (and haunted) New Orleans and centered around witchcraft, AHS Season 3 seems set on pushing Southern Gothic glamor to the max. Coven's promo hints at an army of evil clackers storming a regal mansion to either face off — or join forces with — Jessica Lange, who looks spectacularly maleficent (and ten feet tall). Floating bodies and animal sacrifices litter the front steps. Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson survey the scene, looking dazed and/or possessed. As always, the ominous AHS redux of "The House of the Rising Sun" drones on, portending very bad things.
AHS directors and co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk hinted that Coven will amp up both the horror and humor quotients this season, with special attention being given to Lange's antagonist. We're hoping this results in the actress finally receiving a long overdue Golden Globe for her work on AHS; she's been singlehandedly transformed it into the brightest dark series on television, after all. American Horror Story: Coven premieres October 9th on FX. The first episode is called — wait for it — "Bitchcraft." (Complex)

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