What Saved By The Bell Plot Lines Would Be In 2013

So, we're still waiting for that Saved by the Bell reunion flick. Sure, we get a lot of A.C. Slater in our lives thanks to Extra, The X Factor, and every issue of US Weekly, but it doesn't quite fill the void. Luckily for those of us in Bayside High withdrawal, Mark-Paul Gosselaar took to the Internet to participate in probably the best '90s fantasy game, ever. He appeared on the online series Internet Games to play a couple rounds of What Would Zack Morris Do: The 2013 Edition.
Basically, Gosselaar took all the overdramatic hilarity of SBTB and brought it into the 21st century — and it makes all the show's plot lines so much better. Just think: Slater and Zack are both Facebook flirting with the same girl, only to find out they're being catfished by Screech. Instead of their normal quips, Zach and Jessie fight over gluten-free diets and Cross Fit classes. To relive some of that childhood TV nostalgia, watch the video below — and marvel at MPG's admirable dry humor. (Jezebel)

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