Lady Gaga Goes To Oz On Good Morning America

There are just a few things we'll put up with before 8:30am in the morning, and being required to wear a poppy hat isn't one of them. This being said, Lady Gaga should issue a warning to her Little Monsters before attending any performance of hers. Sure, they're devoted fans who will do almost anything to defend their Mother, but how many were ready (and willing) to strap on flower chapeaus this morning, when she performed on Good Morning America?!
Yes, Gaga paraded around an extravagantly-designed stage all before we could sip our coffee, retelling The Wizard of Oz through her new single "Applause." In her post-performance interview, Gaga said she was denied the role of Dorothy in her school days, so, she stuck it to the man by playing all the roles in just four minutes. Nothing like a good stab of vengeance to your betrayed 8th-grade self to get your Monday started right, eh? (Gossip Cop)

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