How To Become 10 Times More Likely To Land A Job Interview

1Photo: Courtesy of LinkedIn
In the quest for a new job, it often feels like you hit a lot of dead ends. Sending out resume after resume — and drafting endless cover letters — can only be sustained for so long. But thanks to new insight from the team at LinkedIn, there's a surprising new way to get yourself noticed. It turns out that users who post articles on the site (you know, that "Share" button you always see but never use?) are 10 times more likely to be contacted for job opportunities. That means that with the click of a button or two, you could instantly blow past all your competition.
And, ever the helpful experts, the team over at LinkedIn is giving us all a leg up with a few must-try tips. For starters, try following the service's news channel and thought leaders (think Richard Branson and Bill Gates) for inspiration — sharing, commenting, and liking articles you see on the site will help get you noticed. And start your own conversations as often as possible to establish yourself as an influencer in your field. It can be tricky to brainstorm ideas, but might we suggest posting some of R29's expert content? Or, if you're looking for something more out of the box, consult our handy list below. You get extra points for creativity! (LinkedIn)

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