Elle Fanning Out-Adorables Herself On Miss Vogue

miss-vogue1Photo: Courtesy of Miss Vogue.
To say Elle Fanning is charming would be putting it lightly. There's really no word in the English language that quite perfectly pins down the teenager. She has a refined fashion sense, fearless style, and a flitting etherealness about her that takes Sofia Coppola's Virgin Suicides and mixes it with the Manic Pixie Dream Girl to create the pastel confection that is Elle Fanning. In all honesty, though, her Miss Vogue cover says it better.
Fanning beams from the cover in a Bambi-inspired Givenchy sweatshirt cinched with a tiny bow, and from the looks of the behind-the-scenes video, has herself a little game of solo basketball. Is it weird that we start copying the style of a teenager? 'Cause Elle Fanning, excuse us, Miss Elle Fanning, has nailed the fall look with this one.
The new teen-friendly glossy hits stands September 2, and is available to download on your iPad now. (Vogue)

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