Macklemore, A Cat, And Cracker Jacks? This Video Rules

Let this be a warning to all feline devotees: We will find, consume, and rate your cat video with the supreme diligence of an Olympic judge. It's a skill we've honed since the dawn of the internet(z), and amidst fits of giggles, hold our heads proud in the face of catversity.
Case in point: Macklemore. The thrift shop extraordinaire is now the face of Cracker Jacks' revamped Cracker Jack'd campaign which features a very grumpy cat (no, not that Grumpy Cat). A collective sigh fell over the office as we watched him struggle to pick up this feline friend; if only he had the skills of a trained cat whisperer to help him. Perhaps the new Cracker Jacks snacks could have helped, but alas, there were none to be found. So we're just going to go ahead and give this cat video a seven out of ten (extra sympathy points). Cats are sassy, mystical creatures, Macklemore; bribery is an unfortunate key to their hearts. Master that and we have a close contender to this near perfect video.

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