Adam Levine Is Nearly Nude In This Picture

Dear Behati Prinsloo,
Thank you for posting this picture of your fiancé running around in his underwear. It's been awhile since we've last seem Adam Levine in the buff, and we were beginning to think it'd never happen again. Sure, we've maybe daydreamed that he'd strip down to model that clothing line of his, but the realists in us knew that was a pipe dream (although what a marketing strategy that would be). So, when this image popped up on the Interwebs, our hearts skipped a beat.
Yes, those sunglasses are pretty gnarly, and yes, the '70s is exactly where they should stay, but Adam? He can stay just like this. You are one lucky, lucky gal Prinsloo. (Us Weekly)
Photo: via Instagram / @behatiiprinsloo.

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