Single Guys Might Be As Dirty As We Thought

Brace yourselves, ladies: You're about to be shocked by the opposite sex. Seriously. We've always known that men can be, ahem, slightly less clean than we are, but we had no idea the level that 20-something dudes could stoop to. If you thought your guy friends (or lovers) had outgrown their frat-bro days of dirty dishes and even dirtier laundry, we almost hate to show you this survey from a U.K. mattress company. It turns out that young single men only change their sheets an average of once every three months.
And, the news only gets worse from there. The average man admitted to only owning one set of sheets (compared to three sets for women), and the study found that within couples, 81% of the sheet washing was done by the woman. The results also pointed to an age correlation — the worst cleanliness faux pas were committed by men between the ages of 18 to 35, while guys, ages 35 to 50, seemed to clean up their act a bit.
Nevertheless, the results are pretty horrifying. In case you were unclear about the travesties of unwashed sheets, we'll just let it sink in that scientists have estimated we sweat as much as a liter every single night, and that human skin cells are the favorite food of mites. We're not even sure what mites are, but we know we don't want them in our bed with us. Let's just say we're definitely going to think twice the next time we consider going home with a guy. (Jezebel)
oPhoto: Via Jezebel

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