The 15 Movies You Need To See This Fall

Let's face it: Summer is just about over. Soon, the breeze will turn cool, the leaves will go brown, and fall will be upon us in full force. Sure, you could usher in the season by perusing apple orchards, hiking among the foliage, and communing with all aspects of nature. But, why do all that when you could spend fall where you belong? Yes, in a cold, dark movie theater catching up on all the biggest blockbusters. Call us recluses, but sometimes, we just want to spend time with our virtual besties (J Lawr, Shia, Scarlett, and George, to name a few). Especially when this season's crop of big-screen stunners bring so much to love — there are action flicks, indie love stories, and, of course, The Hunger Games.
Being the true pop culture junkies we are, we've sifted through the whole lot and pulled out our absolute favorites. The following are our 15 selects, the films we're urging you to see. Some of these have been hyped for awhile (Anchorman 2, anyone?), and some are under-the-radar mysteries that just might change your life (Blue Caprice — seriously!). Click through to get an early look at what your weekends will look like over the next few months, and start squirreling away your movie theater snacks, now. Oh, and perhaps a contraband bottle of wine or two — we won't tell...

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