Robin Thicke Debauches Football In A New Music Video

Hey, hey, hey! In order to stay on top of the news cycle, Robin Thicke is back and hoping to capitalize on the same success, controversy, and parody that accompanies "Blurred Lines." His new not-so-subtly titled song, "Give It 2 U," is made for twirling the final nights of summer away. The synth-infused half-spoken/half-falsetto track features a bass line that's eerily similar to that G6 track from three summer's ago — but we're not pointing any fingers.
Despite this past Sunday's VMA performance, there is no twerking Miley Cyrus in the music video (although, the Beetlejuice suit comes out to play). There is, however, a float, as well as cheerleaders, a cotton-candy girl, and plenty of typeface flashing across the screen. Oh, and plenty of screen time for a shirtless Thicke — perhaps he's hoping to assuage some of the objectification accusations by taking off his own shirt. Tell us what you think: Does that help the matter, or is it just putting a band-aid over the whole situation?

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