New Study Says It Might Be Okay To Skip Breakfast

It's long been a hard and fast rule in the health industry that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And believe us, we've been taking full advantage: smoothies, avocado on toast, you name it. But now, a new study has released data that suggests skipping your morning Eggo might not actually be that bad for you. In fact, holding off until lunch could actually help you lose weight.
Researchers at Cornell University found that participants who cut out their morning meal ended up eating less calories over the course of the day, even if they compensated with a larger lunch. And, we're not just talking a few calories here and there — the study found that non-breakfast groups ate an average of 400 calories less per day, enough to lose about a pound a week. Even more, research has shown that holding off in the morning can cause your body to burn more fat.
Of course, all this info should be taken with a grain of salt (spread over eggs benedict). For those of us who can't get out of bed in the morning without the promise of a piping hot bowl of oatmeal, there's nothing wrong with sticking to the breakfast routine. As long as we're making healthy choices (read: Skip the bacon), eating smaller, more frequent meals is still a great way to go. And, skipping the first meal of the day will only be truly beneficial if you keep your resolve strong at lunch — it's not an excuse to indulge in fast food come noon. But, it is reassuring to know that all isn't lost if you oversleep and don't have time to hit Starbucks for a breakfast sandwich on the way to work. (Fitbie)
oPhoto: Via Fitbie

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