12 Things We Learned About Entrepreneurship From Breaking Bad

Despite his position as Breaking Bad's protagonist, Walter White is no role model. Faced with the defeating diagnosis of lung cancer, he went from nerdy chemistry teacher to lying, murdering drug kingpin in a matter of months. And, while his actions (and overall moral code) are in no doubt deplorable, he does have quite the entrepreneurial spirit. Seriously, the guy knows how to build an empire.
While we're certainly not going to take parenting advice from him anytime soon (Godspeed, Holly and Flynn!), there are some things ol' Heisenberg can teach us about starting a successful business. We can even learn a thing or two from Jesse, high-school dropout or not. So, because we still haven't come to terms with the impending end of our favorite drama, we're reliving the best Breaking Bad moments in the form of a good old-fashioned tutoring session. Read on for the most obscure business tips you could imagine, and, even though it goes without saying, don't try this at home.

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