Guys With Fancy Lady Hair Is Our New Favorite Thing

fancy-lady-hair-guysPhoto: Courtesy of The Bold Italic.
It seems like only yesterday that we were sitting at our desks debating the pros and cons of the increasingly prevalent phenomenon known as the man bun (okay, maybe it was yesterday). Today, we find ourselves faced with a man-hair situation that takes it to a whole new level: A photo essay entitled "Guys With Fancy Lady Hair," published on The Bold Italic. It's exactly what it sounds like... only so, so much better. Turns out, maybe the issue we were having with man buns is their simplicity.
If we have to master the world's most complicated braid techniques in order to look relevant, why shouldn't dudes? As revealed, a lot of magic can happen when we get to see "the sweet juxtaposition of a perfect chignon against the unkempt neck hair of a dude." We think the specialness of these 'dos is in the details, like how the Junior Prom look intentionally features neck hair, and the Hippie Wedding shows baby's breath proudly woven through a very impressive beard. That floral facial hair integration is particularly on-point — let's see the Duck Dynasty guys do that.
All jokes aside, we'd be lying if we said we weren't curious for a real tutorial on almost all of these. That "Mormon Prom" pompadour/bun situation in particular is look we could definitely get behind. We'd also really like to know what some of these dudes are using in their hair — there is a whole lot of shine and volume going on back there. Follow-up article, please? (The Bold Italic)
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