How Much Does It Cost To Shop The September Issues?

1Photo: Via HuffPostStyle
There's no denying that September issue season is an exciting time. Magazine staffers spend months putting them together, and there's always a palpable thrill in the air when they start showing up on newsstands. Even if we're not totally crazy about the chosen covers, the books are chock full on enviable fashion that feed our back-to-school desires. But, have you ever really thought about where all those duds come from? From the one-of-a-kind couture, to the rag & bone denim and Vince sweaters touted as "affordable pieces," there's rarely a feature in a September issue that doesn't come with an oversized price sticker.
Just for kicks, the Huffington Post examined eight different 'zines and tallied up every single piece of clothing — and, the results will seriously shock you. If you shopped the entire Harper's Bazaar, this month's priciest book, you would spend almost $440,000. Even if you stocked up on all of Cosmo's duds, which keeps its prices comparatively low, it'll still cost you over $15,000. Up for even more shocks? The average price in this month's Vogue rings up for a whopping $4,375. Looks like we'll be sticking with our meager list of 30 dream tickets, for now. (HuffPostStyle)

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