Lana Del Rey Doesn't Want To Be Famous

lana-del-reyPhoto: Courtesy of Interscope Records.
In her track "Without You," Lana Del Rey croons, "Everything I want I have / Money, notoriety, and rivieras / I even think I found God in the flashbulbs of the pretty cameras." However, it seems all is not well in her perma-Instagram-filtered life. Fame is the Dementor's kiss to Del Rey's inspiration, and she's, well...sad. "I don’t think [fame has] been conducive to writing, being on the road and all that. I don’t really feel inspired to write at all," she confessed to Radio.
After the buzzy success of Born to Die, rumors started spreading that the singer was retiring. A growing audience, more tour dates, and less alone time appears to have jaded Del Rey towards celebrity: "I mean, I could just have been unpopular forever, that probably would have been a lot less tiring." For someone who outright says that everything she does is for us, the audience (read: the chorus of "Video Games"), she certainly seems to want to retreat.
The "six months" she believes she needs to "live again" and meet "weirdos" to muse after won't be coming anytime soon, though. Del Rey's riding the top spot on the dance charts (seriously) with Cedric Gervais' remix of "Summertime Sadness," which is quickly becoming the end-of-summer anthem. Instead, her final bow is supposedly coming with the fall release of her short film, Tropico . What happens after that is uncertain. Perhaps she'll disappear and find inspiration again. Perhaps she'll discover the 21st century. We just know her fifteen minutes aren't up just yet; fame's grip doesn't give up that easily. (Elle)

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