The Soundtrack To Relive Your Tom Cruise Love Affair

Tom Cruise has a troubled relationship with the fangirls of R29. Have we heard some crazy rumors about him and some not-so-nice things he has done regarding a certain Katie Holmes? Yes. Do we love Top Gun, Mission: Impossible, and even
Vanilla Sky
? Yes, obviously. And while we could easily ponder these matters while looking at a Google Image search of his boyish good looks, instead, we'll multitask with something more productive while enjoying this very nostalgic playlist of the hits and scores from all his movies.

The thing is, this guy has been in a lot of movies. An almost appalling amount, actually. And you can relive them all here while you get ready to go out tonight. Just don't blame us if you find yourself dancing up on some short dudes with great hair and toothy, white smiles at the club.

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.


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