This Shower Gel Is Proof That Size DOES Matter

h20heroPhoto: Courtesy of H2O Plus.
When a bottle of H2O+'s shower and bath gel recently landed on our desk, we were struck not by its scent, but by its massive size. Yep, it's a whopping 32 fluid ounces of currant-scented, vitamin E-infused sudsy goodness. At nearly 11 inches tall, it's likely to be the Manute Bol of your bathing supplies, making everything else in the shower stall seem diminutive in comparison. (Cower in fear, puny shampoos and conditioners.)
Joking aside, an oversized package of shower gel is pretty appealing for a few reasons. Super-sizing your suds means that you'll get almost 40 percent more for your coin. Plus, there's the lazy-girl appeal of knowing you won't need to restock your shower gel for, oh, another decade or so. Finally, there's the novelty factor — we can't be the only ones who enjoy having their own Gulliver's Travels moment, can we? (Don't answer that.)
H2O+ Sparkling Currant Shower and Bath Gel, $24, available at H2O+.
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