9 Signs You Might Be A Cradle-Robber

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Glo.
Hey, when it comes to dating out of your age group, we're all about it. As long as you two have a connection (and it's legal), the year on your birth certificate should be no more than a number or perhaps a handy excuse to indulge in a bit of night cheese instead of hitting the club on a Sunday (we know we've used it). But what about those times when the one you're dating just makes you feel so...dated? Knowing that awkward moment is bound to come up when you realize he thinks flip phones are, like, so antique, Glo came up with this hand-dandy list of nine signs your younger man is a bit too young. Does he judge you for not knowing what YOLO means? Do waiters coo at such a good-looking mother-and-son couple? That might just be a deal breaker, ladies. (Glo)

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