Turns Out, You Guys Really Do Not “Love Thy Neighbours”

Seems the concept of “love thy neighbour” has gone out the window. Here we are in the 21st century, and a giant 60% of us don’t get on with those living right next door. But why?
According to recent research, there are heaps of reasons your neighbours are getting on your nerves — most of which we can’t help but giggle at. From the justifiable (“You can hear them swearing in the garden”) to the ridiculous (“Their trees are blocking my light”) and downright churlish (“I just can't be bothered to speak to them”), it seems you have a lot of concerns.
Half of us would turn the other way when faced with bumping into a neighbour, whilst a startling one in 10 would go as far as giving a "frosty look." Seriously? Why so unpleasant, people? We’re not suggesting you should be kissing their feet or even bringing in their wheelie bin, but do unto others, and whatnot... (Daily Mail)

Photo: Via Daily Mail.