What Your Underwear Color Says About You

1Photo: Via StyleList
When it comes to talking about our skivvies, it isn't something we usually do on the Internet. It's not that we're prudes or anything, but it's just a little more personal than topics we're used to sharing — and, we're pretty sure we're not alone in that sentiment. But, with Hanes' latest campaign, women everywhere are Tweeting about their undies, and it's bringing to light some entertaining data.
Hanes asked its lady followers to Tweet out the color of their briefs, and they're broadcasting the answers in real time. The Undercover Color campaign, as its aptly named, turned up funny facts that show geographic location can make a major difference in your underwear attitude. For instance, New Yorkers are the most confident in the country when it comes to talking about their undies (is anyone surprised?), and ladies everywhere choose yellow varieties when they want to feel unique. Pink is the most popular shade in the country, which threw us for a loop — we had our money on black. Of course, that's all subject to change based on just how funky women are feeling on a given day. Check out the live broadcast to find out if you're on top of the skivvies trends. (StyleList)

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