Karen Elson Files A Restraining Order Against Ex-Husband Jack White

Some majorly sad news is breaking this morning...after what seemed like a relatively smooth divorce process, Karen Elson has filed a restraining order against Jack White. The couple announced their split back in 2011, and to an outsider's perspective it seemed more amicable than usual — they even threw an unconventional (but slightly awesome) divorce party, celebrating the time they spent together.
Sadly, though, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse, with the model seeking protection from The White Stripes singer's "aggressive behavior." Not many details of the filing were offered, but Elson cited fears for her and her childrens' safety as reasons for the order. The British beauty has let on in the past that the divorce wasn't going as smoothly as she expected (telling Harper's Bazaar it had been "emotional"), but this new development is truly heartbreaking.
Our hearts go out to both Karen and Jack, as well as their children and families, as they navigate this difficult transition. Divorces, even the most amicable, are never easy, so here's hoping they can find their way as easily as possible. (Telegraph)
oPhoto: Via Telegraph

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