Oh Boy, A Test That Proves How Hip You Really Are

You’re pretty with it, right? You know which Delevingne sister is which, you can easily ID the most flattering Instagram filter, and picking out the perfect beach bag for a holiday is a snap. We get it. We know you know how hip you are. But...would you like a little reassurance?
The Guardian has helpfully assembled a pop quiz devoted to just that. The multiple-choice affair runs the gamut from guessing Karl Lagerfeld quotes to choosing the ideal form of communication for a holiday — postcard, Instagram or tweet? You decide.
We’d like to say we found this quiz to be a walk in the park but we did have to think twice about our answer for the One Direction question. Does Harry Styles really believe, “they’ll build statues of us?”
Go ahead, take it for yourself. Let us know your score in the comments — and we may or may not reveal ours there as well. No cheating in the back. (The Guardian)

Photo: Via The Guardian


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