Beauty Products From Space (Kind Of)!

iomaIoma Youth Booster, $210, available in September at Saks Fifth Avenue.
In recent news about beauty products from space, Ioma has launched an intuitive moisturizer that measures the condition of your skin over time. Using technology borrowed from Curiosity, the Mars exploration robot (seriously), the MEMS sensor on the cap of the new Ioma Youth Booster has the ability to measure the levels of hydration in your skin — both before and after treatment.
To begin your course of treatment, you simply hold the MEMS sensor on the cap of the youth booster against your skin for three to five seconds, which will allow it to measure the levels of moisture already present in your skin. If two LED lights illuminate, you are instructed to apply the product only once a day; if you see three lights, you should be applying the product in the morning and the evening. As you use the product daily, you can continue to use the MEMS sensor to monitor your progress, ensuring that you're getting the exact right dose of product for your skin.
Designed to optimize your skin's ability to resist aging, Ioma's formula works to moisturize, detoxify, regenerate, and protect the skin, all in one paraben-free formula. All that, plus the ability to know exactly what our unique skin care needs are? We think we've found our match.