Make The Coolest Bar Cart, Ever—It’s Easy!

barcartslidePhoto: Courtesy of Style Within Reach
A sure sign you're becoming an adult? You've started to assemble a legit home bar, instead of a motley assortment of sticky booze bottles and plastic cups. The next task at hand: how to make it look awesome. Luckily, decor-savvy blogger Caitlin of Style Within Reach is here to help.
We did a stop-and-scroll-back when we flipped past her "how to style a bar cart" post. Not only is her own setup pretty darn cute, but her tips for DIYing one are super easy. First, keep to a unified color palette, then use the top tier of your cart for an elegant layout. We're mega-inspired by how she incorporates printed napkins and coasters, pretty glasses, and even an out-of-the-ordinary framed drawing to add some humor. As design junkies (and fans of easy projects with big impact), this little tutorial is right up our alley — cheers to that! (Style Within Reach)