Is The UK Having Too Much Drunk Sex?

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Today in "news" to raise our eyebrows at, an alleged "One tenth of couples in the UK have stated that they've not had sober sex in over six months," as reported by Digital Spy. Apparently, according to the study, 11% of couples said that it had been more than half a year since they did it with their partner without any liquid courage.
We've got a few opinions about this. First of all, 11% doesn't sound like all that high of a number, considering the fact that another study suggests that "half of all English men and women can be classified as binge drinkers." So, either people are actually underreporting how much drunk sex they're having, or this data, which would otherwise not seem like that big of a deal, is being presented with a hidden agenda. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the study was done by what appears to be an online retailer of cheap Viagra called UKMedix.
Included in the study was the information that "61% of overall respondents stated that alcohol made them more confident, while 40% believed being drunk made them poorer in bed." We're not sure it's an either or situation — after all, some of our most "confident" alcohol induced moments have also been some of our poorest. Such is life.
Sarah Bailey of UKMedix said, "We Britons love our booze — in responsible measures, of course — but it seems that we may be letting the alcohol come between us and our partner in the bedroom." We think that sounds like a bit of a hyperbole, considering the flip side of this study is that a whopping 89% of UK couples have had sober sex in the past few months. But, hey, you know us — always looking on the bright side. (Digital Spy)

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