Dieters Rejoice, This Kitchenware Actually Cuts Your Portions In Half

Portion control can become the bane of any dieter's existence. After all, how can we be expected to eat only half of a Chipotle burrito when the whole thing is so darn delicous? But, allow us to introduce you to Fajar Kurnia, Jeremy Chia, and Jo Djauhari; three guys with one awesome idea that could be the answer to all dieters (and non-dieters) out there.
HALVED is the brainchild of one dinner conversation where the three friends decided to flip the script on portion control. "We're constantly being told that to stay healthy, we should be cutting down on our portions," the three write on their Kickstarter page. "Psychologically, it felt hard for us to do it. Seeing a small portion on a regular plate feels like a real downer." Ain't that the truth.
So, instead of cutting your portions in half, why not just half your kitchenware? You'll still be abiding by the portion control rules, but at least your plate will look full. As for controlling your urge to get up for seconds, well, there's no product to double your willpower. (PSFK)