Why An Abortion Is Harder To Get Than Ever

With the passage of Texas' restrictive abortion bill and other similar laws, the effects of the "war on women" and reproductive rights are becoming more pronounced than ever. While these laws haven't banned abortion per se, they've placed more stringent requirements on where, when, and how women can terminate unwanted pregnancies — requirements that can weigh heavily on women with fewer resources or support systems. And, it turns out, anti-choice laws are forcing women everywhere to travel farther in search of help.
According to a newly released analysis by the Guttmacher Institute, over one third of women are being forced to travel over 25 miles for procedures, with six percent traveling more than 100 miles. While that number may not seem high initially, it can be quite a ways for women who don't have the cash flow for gas or lodging, or jobs with flexible time off.
The scariest part? The study's data comes from surveys conducted in 2008, which means the true numbers could be even worse. In the last few years, abortion laws have become more and more restrictive, so we wouldn't be surprised if even more women are tackling more obstacles to take care of their reproductive needs. Anti-choice laws seem to have accomplished exactly what they set out to do: Make it harder and harder for women to receive abortions and other "controversial care." Here's hoping this is one trend that doesn't keep growing. (The Gloss)

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